Why is it that some microorganism cannot grow in the artificial media

Chemistry Discussion Question and classmates response:
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For this discussion, research the different websites and describe how one might determine the nutrient requirements of a microbe. Why is it that some microorganism cannot grow in the artificial media? Give an example of the microorganism that cannot grow in the artificial media and what nutrients these microbes used. (Try not to duplicate another classmate’s topic.)
1. For any bacterium to be propagated for any purpose it is necessary to provide the appropriate biochemical and biophysical environment. The nutritional environment is made available as a cultural medium and depending on the needs of the particular bacteria a large variety and types of culture media have been developed with different purposes and uses.Culture media are employed in the isolation and maintenance of pure cultures of bacteria and are also used for identification of bacteria according to their biochemical and physiological properties.” (bacteriology.net) A parasite that naturally only reproduces within a host cannot grow in an artificial media. Pneumococci is an example that can only grow with a host and not in an artificial media. It needs a host temperature between 30 and 35 degrees celsius. It needs a carbon and nitrogen through extracellular enzyme systems that allow the metabolism of polysaccharides and hexosamines. It also needs the choline-binding receptors located on human cells.