Why is it important to investigate or examine the subject of the article

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Hello, In this paper I need from 3 to 4 paragraphs that review (NOT analyze) the study. The summery of the main study shouldn’t take more that 1/4 of the whole paper. The rest of the paper has to be your own opinion about the topic, the research method, and the findings with supporting your opinion with reliable resources.

  1. What is the purpose of this article?
  2. Why is it important to investigate or examine the subject of the article?
  3. How are the authors carrying out the task? Are their methods and comments appropriate and adequate to the task?
  4. What do they claim to have found out? Are the findings clearly stated?
  5. How does this advance knowledge in the field?

– Thing you may notice and talk about is: most of the research that were reviewed in this study is old; the newest one was 2009; which means difficult to generalize the findings since now in 2018 there are plenty types of opioids.
I am attaching the main journal, and the Journal Article Grading Rubric (you should follow it):
Use APA format and follow the grading rubric for more details about the assignment.
-See this http://www.jems.com/articles/print/volume-41/issue… (It gives you some current statistics and facts about the topic that you may use in your writing.)
PLEASE don’t analyze the study where you just repeating what in the research. The main purpose of this assignment is to make the writer gives his academic opinion about the research, how it is done, and what you think about the findings.