Which transport mechanism can be visualized as a relay race

 All living organisms must maintain homeostasis in order to survive. The environment that the bacterial cell is in can affect the stability of its plasma membrane. The cell must constantly adjust the chemistry of its plasma membrane in order to maintain homeostasis. Imagine that the temperature in the environment is rising. What would you expect to see happening with the chemistry of a bacterial cell’s plasma membrane to deal with this change? Explain. If the temperature cools down what would happen then? Explain. Often bacteria produce metabolic waste products such as alcohol that can destabilize membranes. What would happen to the chemistry of the bacterial cell’s plasma membrane if the alcohol were to build up in its environment? Explain.
8. Which transport mechanism can be visualized as a relay race? What is being transported like a baton in a relay race? What is being transported into the cell by this process? Explain the steps of this transport process from start to finish noticing what happens at each step.
9. On a past episode of House M.D., House was treating a patient suffering from cryoglobulinemia. With this disorder proteins in the blood will precipitate and clump together if the body temperature drops. After a few unsuccessful treatments House orders a lipopolysaccharide I.V. to treat the patient. What component of lipopolysaccharide was House planning on using and explain how this could help the patient. Dr. Cuddy said that by doing this treatment House could kill the patient. Explain what she meant by that.