Which theory speaks to your advanced nursing practice

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Which theory speaks to your advanced nursing practice?
Explain why it speaks directly to your future practice and give specific examples of how you see it fitting into your new role.
The advanced practice nursing is grounded in the following perspective and nursing values: advocacy, nursing experience, integrating theory into practice, holism, and added a medical task into a nursing framework (Rice, 2006). The nursing theory that I believe speaks to my advanced nursing practice is the Orem’s General Theory of Nursing. This is a self-care theory that is related to patient assessment using nursing diagnosis, discharge planning, quality assurance, expected a patient outcome, external agency reports, and clinical research. The theory is composed of three sub-theories which are self-care deficit, the nursing systems, and self-care theory. In nursing care, Orem’s theory identifies the operations that are particularly professional and technological regarding diagnostic, prescriptive, case management operation and treatment or regulatory.The aim of this study paper is to highlight the theory that speaks to my advanced nursing practice. In addition, the paper explains why the theory speaks directly to advanced practice nurse future and offers a specific example of how the nurse sees it fitting into his or her new role.
The reason why I believe this theory speaks directly to the future practice is that its application to nursing practices is relevant as a framework of various setting such as acute care units, community health programs, ambulatory clinics, senior centers, rehabilitation centers ad hospice. In addition, advanced practice nurses can apply this theory to a patient with specific conditions, such as chronically ill, undergoing neck or head injury, suffering rheumatoid arthritis or alcoholics (De, 2005).I see this nursing theory fitting in my role in the following manner it interprets my roles as an advanced practice nursing and directs me on the measure I should take when dealing with patients such as teaching, guiding, maintaining direction and providing the patient with an environment that supports personal development (Taylor et al. 2006).
This is a good research study but upon review I do not see how this relates to Orem’s SCDT
This study focused upon Maslow and Pender’s health promotion
Can you please clarify for me?
Unfortunately, this was not retrievable in the library but the full pdf was retrieved from ResearchGate