What is the cell using for nutrients if it does gamma hemolysis

Exercise 5-18

1. How is actual motility of the bacteria distinguished from a wobble of the needle/loop when interpreting the motility portion of the SIM medium test?

2. What is the black precipitate in a positive sulfur reduction result in SIM medium? What two enzymes might be responsible for the sulfur reduction?

3. What does the Kovac’s reagent react with in a positive reaction? What molecule is broken down to create this product? What enzyme did these bacteria produce?

Exercise 5-21

4. What is the cell using for nutrients if it does gamma hemolysis? Obviously since the red blood cells are not damaged, they are not the nutrient source. Agar is not a nutrient source, agar just makes the medium firm.

5. Blood agar is useful for detecting what general kinds of organisms (other than beta-hemolytic, etc.)? Name a species that might be traditionally detected/identified by its appearance on blood agar.

6. Why do we not allow you to culture from your throat in this exercise?