What is Chronic Pelvic Pain and what are s/s

Presentation : Chronic Pelvic pain , Dysmenorrhea, Dyspareunia
Suzelle L. Costales
Advanced Primary care of family II
Florida National University
What is Chronic Pelvic Pain and what are s/s ?
Chronic pelvic pain is pain below the umbilicus mainly at and around the pelvic area of the body , pain associated with CPP is pain that lasts more than six months and is not associated with menstrual period symptoms.
Incomplete relief with OTC treatments
Significantly impaired function at work or home/ sex life
Altered family roles
Signs of depression , weight loss /gain and anxiety.
Chronic pelvic pain can be associated with other disease process and usually arises from gynecological causes

Chronic Pelvic Pain epidemiology / Pathophysiology
CPP is a common reason for office visit in the US. According statistics 1 out of 7 women in the USA visit a medical office with chief complaint of chronic pelvic pain.
Of all references to a gyn specialist 10 % are for pelvic pain and prevalence for CPP in reproductive aged women is aprox 39 %.
CPP is considered a symptom of an underlying problem that can be gynecological , gastrointestinal and neuro-muscular in origin. CPP can be very complex to treat due to the many factors that can be contributing and causing CPP. Each provider takes a personalized approach for each patient in order to find the root cause of CPP.
Risk Factors of Chronic Pelvic Pain