What is a Community Health Center

12 slides
Please view these videos:
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conduct some preliminary research on a Patient Centered Medical Home, Ambulatory Care, Community Health Centers, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or Mental Health facility in your state.
You are to create a 12 slide PowerPoint Presentation covering your selected facility in your state. In your presentation, you are to answer the following:
1. Which populations (e.g., adults, children, or older adults) and what conditions/diseases are targeted?
2. Who are the participating payers?
3. What type of insurance product (e.g., HMO or PPO) do the participating payers include?
4. Who are the participating providers? (List only the type of providers, such as hospitals or community health centers.)
5. How are the participating providers reimbursed?
In your final slides, you are to make recommendations for the future of health care delivery of the facility that you selected. The recommendations are to be vividly supported on scholarly sources.