Utilizing Process Improvement Models in Saudi Healthcare Settings

Assignment 12 – 520
Critical Thinking
Utilizing Process Improvement Models in Saudi Healthcare Settings 
Locate and read six scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, and Continuous Quality Management. The Saudi Digital Library is a reliable source for these articles.
In this assignment, you will write two executive summaries: one on Lean Six Sigma,
and one on either Total Quality Management or Continuous Quality Management.
In each summary, you will include the following:
· A succinct overview of the model,
· The pros and cons of the model, and
· The impact of the model on quality at the patient level.
Each of your well-written executive summaries should meet the following requirements:
· Each summary should be two pages in length, excluding the reference page.
· Each summary should have its own reference page.
· Provide full APA references for the articles selected and any additional sources used, along with appropriate in-text citations. You may use two of the same references for each executive summary.
· Formatted APA formatting guidelines.
· Utilize headings to organize the content of your work.
Two file each file :
2 pages in length not include cover page and references

Each file has minimum of 3 references not less than 5 years .