The Role of Nursing Theorists in the Evolution of Professional Nursing

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My Nursing Theory is: Nursing as caring, by Boykin & Shoenhofer’s.
PLEASE submit your PowerPoint presentation regarding “The Role of Nursing Theorists in the Evolution of Professional Nursing” and your chosen Nursing Theorist to this assignment folder.
REMEMBER to include as aesthetic presentation of how you incorporate your chosen nursing theorists into your nursing practice.
This can be a drawing, a photo or slide show, a song, a poem, anything you choose that represents how YOU incorporate the chosen theorist into your nursing practice.
Remember – these are the PowerPoint slides you must use for your presentation. And changes from these slides and the slides you use for your presentation on Tuesday, August 29th, will result in point deduction.
BETWEEN the time you submit your PowerPoint and Tuesday when you do your presentation,
so that is is flawless 🙂
Remember you have a maximum of 20 minutes for your presentation, so be sure to time yourself as well!