the hole concept of bacteria in food in general

I need abstract for my microbiology  experiment, I have attached the original paper of the assignment
Here is the specific answer to use
First introduce the hole concept of bacteria in food in general, all the possible sources of bacteria, ways bacteria could contaminate food.
Reason why I chose the food simple ( I choose ground beed burger, because it’s my favorite male, easily to eat no need for knife or spoon)
Provide a detailed summary of all possible sources of bacteria in the sample food which is (ground beef burger) need to be looked
State the method of the experiment which is  (the standard plate count method) no need for more details, just mentioning the name of the method
State the hypothesis for the experiment ( Acidic condition with inhabit bacterial growth)
State the prediction of t experiment ( if a pace of ground beef burger immures in vinegar there will be less bacterial growth than the pice which didn’t immures in vinegar  )
State the summary result which was
(No bacterial growth in the pace which was immersed in vinegar, while it was 6,700,000/gm in the pace didn’t immures in vinegar .
State whether the experiment results support my hypothesis which is (yes)
Provide At least one recommendation based on my experiment ( using vinegar in cooking food would help decrease the bacteria founded in food samples specially meats )
In one pag, one paragraph, 12 size,  new roman font