The Costly "Super Bug."

This Assignment is worth 60 points (10 extra credit points available)
This is to be submitted as a hard copy in Word format.
Please label your assignment clearly: full name, Assignment 3
You are to write a research paper titled:
MRSA: The Costly “Super Bug.”
As a guide, your research paper should try and address the following questions/points:
 What is it?

 What causes it?

 What types are there?

 Symptoms…

 Tests…

 Who is at risk?

 How do you control/prevent it?

 How can it be treated?

 Cost to hospitals and the public (not just financial)

 Problems for the future…

Please use as many reliable sources as possible for your paper. As always, remember to clearly reference all sources you have used both in text and as a bibliography at the end of the paper.

Your work should be typed in MS Word using a 10‐12 point font with 2.0 line spacing. Layout, spelling and grammar will be important.

The assignment should be 3 sides in length (not including bibliography).

Grading: 50 points for the paper (does it read well? Does it answer the important points about MRSA…?)

10 points for style and overall presentation

Total = 60 points

If you have any questions please see me.

Nothing will be accepted after the due date.