The Affordable Care Act

Question description
You can pick any topic you would like out of these just one topic
Affirmative action
3-strikes law /mandatory sentencing guidelines
The Affordable Care Act
Tax policy
Gun control
Reducing mass shootings
Racial profiling
Law enforcement reform
Welfare spending/reform
Environmental regulation
The endangered species act
Climate change policy
Military spending
Military intervention abroad
Immigration reform
The war on drugs
Congressional term limits
Campaign finance reform
Stem cell research
Mandatory helmet laws
Marriage equality
Accommodations for transgender people
Adoption by homosexual couples
Legalization of drugs
Media regulation
Farm subsidies
Hate crimes legislation
Financial aid for college students
Reducing the national debt
Balancing the budget
Domestic partner benefits
First discuss the details of the policy issue you are examining. Give the basic facts such as what
the problem is, how the policy attempts to solve the problem, who would be affected by changes in the
policy, and whether the issue has been addressed by policy makers in the past. Include any other
pertinent details. This section of the paper should be at least one and a half to two pages long but you
can make it longer if you like.
Second discuss the opinions of those in favor of the particular public policy change and those
against it. For example if you are writing about the three-strikes law, tell why some oppose it and why
some think it is a good idea. This part of your paper should not reflect your opinion on the issue, rather
it should be an unbiased look at both sides of the issue. It will take about a page and a half to
adequately cover each side of the argument so this section of the paper should be around three pages
Third identify your position on the topic and explain why you hold that opinion. This section of
the paper should be at least one half a page long but may be longer if you have a lot to say about the
Papers must be 3-6 pages long (not including the bibliography), typed and double spaced. If you
use particularly large font, your paper must be correspondingly longer. You must cite at least three
sources which can include books, journal articles, newspaper articles and the internet. You can use our
textbook but it will not count as one of the outside sources. You should have at least three source
citations per page, more would be better. You must include a bibliography in one of the major styles. I
recommend APA, MLA, or Turabian since you will probably use one of them in other classes.
Papers will be evaluated based on the amount of relevant information they contain and how well
they integrate and illustrate concepts learned in class. The paper is not simply an opportunity for you to
express your opinions on political issues (except for the third section of the paper). Your paper
provide a well researched, balanced examination of your topic to earn a satisfactory grade.