stress management technique: Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Question description
I was asked to compose a paper on the following stress management technique: Progressive Muscular Relaxation
Paper should be 4-6 pages long with APA style references.
I have attached the instructions and specific outline that should be discussed in the paper.
Please ask me any questions if you are not clear on the instructions
For this term paper, the class will be divided into 2 groups. One group’s papers will be due
by Monday, 11/28 (Topic 12) and the other by Monday, 12/5 (Topic 13), by 10:00 PM EDT in
both cases. A technique in stress management will be randomly assigned to each student. Out of
fairness to the first group (Topic 12), the second group (Topic 13) will not know their assigned
technique until a week has passed to account for the later due date. Your groupings and
assignments are posted under Topics 12 and 13.
The term paper must be at least 4 but not more than 6 full pages of text with the following set-up
• 1″ margins all around
• double (2.0) spacing (except where APA style calls for otherwise)
• Times New Roman font (in regular face except where APA style calls for otherwise)
• 12 pt. text
• full name and page number should appear in the upper right corner of each page
• paper’s title at the top center of the first page no larger than 14 pt. NO COVER PAGE.
• no subheadings after the title
• new paragraphs should be indented
• no extra spaces before or after new paragraphs
• any graphs, figures, charts, diagrams, pictures, etc. should be added separately after your
report and properly labeled and referred to in the text
• references must also be separate, at the end of your paper, and must conform to APA
Unlike your usual assignments, your term paper must be posted to the forum as a Word
The specific topic of the term paper will be assigned to you. Each paper will report on a stress
reduction technique and should cover three main areas:
1. Your paper should open with general information about the origins/history/development of the
2. You should then discuss how the technique is applied and explain the mechanism(s) by which
it reduces the effects of stress.
3. Lastly, you should report on at least 2 sources from expert or scientific literature that give
evidence in support of the efficacy of the technique, preferably in reference to specific
populations per the availability of research studies or expert testimony. You may use the text as
a secondary resource. Your primary resources should be drawn from expert or scientific
literature, whether print or electronic, to broaden the class’ understanding of stress reduction
The grading out of 100 points (which accounts for 15% of your overall course grade) will be as
10% adherence to general guidelines; 10% adherence to APA style; 10% writing style and
organization (not spelling or grammar, but PLEASE have someone proofread your paper!); 10%
accurate and appropriate use of resources; 20% origins/history/development of technique; 20%
application and explanation of mechanism(s); 20% supporting evidence.
Penalties for tardy submissions as outlined in the syllabus apply.
As there is no other required reading assigned in these two topics, all students are required to
By Thursday, 10:00 PM EDT in each topic, 12/1 for topic 12 and 12/8 for topic 13, ALL
STUDENTS (even the reporters) must post at least 2 reply posts per topic to other classmates’
work. One of the reply posts in each topic must report on your personal experience with one of
the reporter’s stress reduction techniques with regards to its application and effectiveness in your
life; the other reply post may be a comment of your choosing as long as it broadens the
discussion and adds to the class’ understanding. Note that, since the term paper grade is a
separate grade on its own and since there is no other homework assigned other than the two reply
posts per topic, each reply post is worth 6 points, for a total of 12 points in each topic. Each
reply post should be at least 200 but not more than 300 words in length.
Your reply posts must be posted directly into the forum in the usual manner. The usual penalties
for tardy reply posts apply.
Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please post a message in the
Questions forum so that other classmates may benefit from the information.