Stress and Health

For each topic listed below, please:
A. Identify one epidemiologic measure of a public health issue related to this topic (prevalence, incidence rate, mortality rate, etc.)
B. Identify a public health intervention that has targeted a public health issue related to this topic. Briefly explain the intervention (one or two sentences).
C. Identify any data on the effectiveness of the intervention. If it is qualitative data (e.g., participants’ feedback on the program), describe the general themes in a sentence or two. If it is quantitative data, describe one or two important findings in a sentence or two.
D. For at least one topic, your source should be a peer-reviewed journal article.  For one topic, find an example of a t-test/ANOVA, Chi-Square test, linear regression, and/or logistic regression in a peer-reviewed journal article. Note the example and its interpretation. Do you agree with the interpretation that the author(s) made for this statistical test?
1. Stress and Health
2. Tobacco Use
3. Alcohol Consumption
4. Substance Abuse
5. Overweight and obesity
6. Mental Health
Please be sure to answer A-C for all six topics listed above.