research an article on social psychology

Use the CSU Online Library to research an article on social psychology. Then write a research paper answering the following questions concerning the article you selected.
§  Explain why you picked the article you selected for this assignment. Include a description of how the article’s focus captured your interest, and why.
§  Describe the previous research related to your article. You can find such information included at the beginning of your article. Usually, this information will be under the “Introduction” section or be in the paragraphs before the “Method” section. Here you need to summarize information, such as introductory descriptions of previous related research and the author’s or authors’ ideas about why the article’s study needs to be conducted (this may be stated in the article or may be gleaned from author’s(s’) comments about limitations of previous research). Do not discuss the article’s study design just yet.
Please view attach files for the remainer of assignment