Professional Standards for Nursing Leadership

Professional Standards for Nursing Leadership Case Study 4
approx 30 min
You are the nurse manager of a busy operating room in a large metropolitan hospital, serving both adult and pediatric clients. A case is scheduled involving a child who will have a hip arthroplasty. The surgical technician usually scheduled for the pediatric cases is unavailable to assist with this case, so you schedule a surgical technician who has assisted with multiple hip arthroplasties but has never performed one on a younger child. After the procedure, the child has permanent damage to his sciatic nerve, and his parents have filed a lawsuit against the surgical technician, you as the nurse manager, and the hospital.
Question 1
How do you suspect that the court will react to such a case?
Question 2
What would their findings likely be in such an instance and why?
Question 3
What could you have done to prevent this outcome?