Nursing Organization Essay

Overview: Nursing Organization Essay
The purpose of this paper is to provide you an experience in maintaining an up-to-date, evidencebased
practice by linking into professional nursing organizations and finding their standards of
practice and practice guidelines. Connecting with these organizations and their products is a major
way professional nurses maintain up-to-date knowledge and practice.
For this assignment, you need to identify and investigate the professional nursing organizations
that represent your specialty or special interest. You will then compare and contrast the
organizations on key factors outlined in the instructions given.
You will not be writing a separate paper summarizing your co-op reflections. As such, you need to
reference your co-op experiences in this paper. One way you might do this is by specifically linking
your experiences to the mission and resources of the professional organization you have selected
to be the focus of the paper. This portion of the paper should constitute no more than two pages of
your final five-page paper (not counting title and reference pages.)
Completion and submission of this project is one of the requirements for the course.
Components Acceptable Needs Improvement
Project Completed according to
instructions and submitted on time
Failed to complete according to
instructions and/or submit on time
Identify Professional Nursing
Organization recognized by
professional nurses
Organization is not related to
Describe Situation Requiring
Has formal guidelines No guidelines applied
Described Lessons Learned in
Lessons applicable to nursing No lesson described or partial
Select or identify a particular nursing specialty. Identify professional nursing organizations that
address the issues pertinent to that specialty. Analyze the organizations and compare and contrast
them on the following components:
• Stated purpose and/or mission of the organization