Need law help with white collar crime multiple choice questions


  1. Which of the following proceedings could possibly result in a cease and desist order?

    Criminal proceedings

    Administrative proceedings

    Professional-disciplinary proceedings

    All of the above

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  1. How do judges justify giving white-collar offenders shorter sentences?

    They do not want to cause extra harm to the offender’s family

    Shorter sentences provide offenders more opportunities to give back to the community

    Shorter sentences place offenders in a better position repay victims

    All of the above

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  1. Which of the following trends is an accurate statement about the guidelines that judges follow when sentencing convicted offenders?

    Judges depart upwards from the guidelines in cases where vulnerable groups are targeted

    Judges depart downward when the harm is only monetary

    Judges tend to depart upwards for computer criminals

    Judges depart downward when officials abuse trust

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  1. Which of the following is not a decision made by the prosecutor in a white-collar case?

    What charges to file against the offender

    Whether or not to arrest an offender

    Whether or not to prosecute a white-collar case

    Whether or not to accept plea bargains

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  1. How does the way in which a case is referred to a prosecutor affect a prosecutor’s decision-making?

    More violent crimes can lead to more white-collar crimes being prosecuted

    White-collar cases sometimes must be sold to prosecutors in order to be prosecuted 

    Victims of white-collar cases must show emotional harm similar to traditional crime to convince prosecutors to charge offenders

    White-collar cases must be referred to prosecutors by private agencies in order to be taken more seriously by prosecutors

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  1. What is a common reason prosecutors are often reluctant to prosecute corporations?

    The corporations can compile expensive defense teams

    Cases are easier to prove and win against individuals

    The time and resources put into cases against corporations is not worth it

    Prosecutors do not want to punish shareholders

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  1. Which of the following can be cited as a reason juries often make mistakes in a white-collar case?

    Inadequate presentation of forensic evidence

    Shady defense strategies that are meant to confuse the jury

    The trial is conducted too quickly for jurors to make an informed decision

    All of the above

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  1. In what way does a white-collar trial differ from a traditional criminal trial?

    The majority of traditional trials involve multiple defendants, but white-collar trials typically only have one defendant, even if it is one corporation

    Criminal trials are more stressful for the defendant

    White-collar trials are longer in length than most traditional criminal trials

    All of the above

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  1. How is a qui tam lawsuit different than most other civil cases?

    It involves a business as the plaintiff

    It involves multiple plaintiffs

    It involves the government as the plaintiff

    It involves an individual suing a corporation on the government’s behalf

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  1. Which of the following is a type of class bias that might give an advantage to the white-collar defendant?

    White-collar offenders can hire high powered defense teams

    Criminal justice officials can have complacency towards white-collar crime

    The laws are sometimes written to protect corporations

    All of the above