Biology 100 Project
Project requirements Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic related to the field/study of Biology. Your presentation must be 10-15 minutes in length and must answer the following questions: (no more than 10-15 slides)

1) What is your subject and why is it significant in the study of biology? 2) How does this topic relate to other topics we have discussed in class?

2) (use this text book link for your references and to review the chapters we have discussed.) chapters 1, 2, 5, &7. You may also use other chapters in this book that have not been discussed but please be sure to explain your information in detail in your outline and notes section of your powerpoint. 3) What is still unknown about your topic? 4) How does your topic relate to the world in general? (Economics, scientific research, people, etc?) 5) How is your topic historically significant? Who were the “major players” in developing the theories and methods behind your topic? (For instance, if you choose genetics, you may want to discuss Watson and Crick, Rosalind Franklin, etc.) 6) Where is the current research in your topic headed? Why is there an interest in your topic among scientists? 7) What other significant advances or points can you add concerning your topic?
3) Add pictures and one short video into your PowerPoint.
Students are to work in small groups. Each person is responsible for their portion of the presentation. Along with their slide presentations, students must submit a bibliography of sources, an outline of the presentation, and 5 test questions. This is due approximately one week before the scheduled presentation. An outline consists of the major topics discussed, as well as a brief description of each. The outline is a GUIDE for the presentation, not the “meat” of the project.
· ***A Note about PowerPoint Presentations:
· All slides should have the same or similar backgrounds.
· Follow the 7-7-7 rule- No more than seven words to a line, seven lines to a slide and spend no more than seven minutes on any one slide.
· Do not clutter your slides with words. Slides are meant to punctuate your lecture, not carry it for you.
Follow up After each presentation, questions are asked concerning each topic, and any points that were missed in the presentation are covered by the instructor.
Homework Compile a list of resources and create an outline for your presentation.
Evaluation Students are evaluated using a rubric provided by the instructor.