Introduction to Information Technology

Introduction to Information Technology
CGS1030 – Fall A
Insert the following table into Sheet1 of an Excel spreadsheet, keeping the cell references consistent.
1. Copy the data below into an Excel Spreadsheet. Keep the data as indicated on the columns and rows.

  A B C D E F G H I
1 Home Team Goals Points Total Score   Away Team Goals Points Total Score
2 Liverpool 5 11 vs Wimbeldon 7 16  
3 Mansfield 4 10 vs Hayes 2 12  
4 Stoneham 2 12 vs Sudbury 5 11  
5 Darwen 5 13 vs Manchester 1 15  
6 Blackpool 3 12 vs Bamsley 2 9  

2. Save your work as yourname_P3
3. Calculate the Total Score for the Home and Away Teams
a. The Total Score is 3 points for each goal plus the Points
b. These are for columns D and I
4. Add the word TOTALS in cell A7
a. Find the total goals and points
b. These are for columns B, C, G and H
5. Add the word Winner to column J
a. Use the IF function
b. Use the Goals scored by each team to determine which team is the winner. Enter the winning team Name in column J
6. Insert 2 lines above the column titles
7. Title the worksheet as “British Football League Round 5 (Soccer)”
a. Center the title across the table
b. Use the font Algeria size 16 points
8. Center all of the column titles except for columns A and F
9. Bold the column titles
10. Use conditional formatting for the TOTAL SCORE for the Home team.
a. Format the cells that show 20 points and greater to a BOLD white font with a Dark Blue Background
11. Name the worksheet RESULTS. Color the tab Purple
12. Format the rest of the table to your liking
a. Add borders around the cells
b. Apply different colors, etc…
13. Insert a clipart image to the right of the table.
a. Be sure the image is appropriate to the data on the worksheet
14. Graph the Home Teams and their corresponding Total Scores
a. Use a 3d Column Cluster Chart

b. Move the chart to a new sheet called Scores

i. Make sure you can see the data labels

ii. make sure the title says TOTAL SCORE

c. Add a title to both Axis’


15. Change the page orientation to both the table and chart to landscape

16. Complete the document properties with your name, subject and tags (use a minimum of 3 words – separated by commas)