Explain normal changes in sleep across the human lifespan

CHAPTER 22, Sleep Disorders

In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives:

Explain normal changes in sleep across the human lifespan.

1. James, a 12-year-old middle-school student, is having problems with his schoolwork.  James cannot sleep until late at night and has been unable to arrive at school until later in the morning due to excessive morning sleepiness and difficulty awakening.   James is concerned and depressed over this considerable insomnia with subsequent tardiness in arriving at school.  The teacher referred James to the school psychologist, who recommended psychological testing to determine if James has a learning disability. The results of the test show that James does have a learning disability and needs special placement for his English class. James continues to have insomnia.  The pediatrician recommended that James have a study at a sleep clinic. After the test, James was given a sleep schedule and was able to return to his normal sleep schedule.  His schoolwork improved after he was able to achieve adequate sleep. 

 (Learning Objectives: 1)

a. Why did James’ sleep schedule change from his normal routine? Revised Question: “What factors could have contributed to the alterations in James’ sleep pattern and subsequent insomnia?”

b. How do sleep patterns change for people over the lifespan?