Evolution of the Nurse Leader

Evolution of the Nurse Leader Case Study-3
approx 30 min
Margaret Compton, RN, is 52 years old and recently widowed. Her husband died a week after traumatic injuries from a serious fall on a hiking expedition.
Margaret has been out of the work force for 23 years, electing to stay at home and take care of her three children while her husband worked. Her youngest is in his third year of college, and Margaret has realized that she needs to return to the workforce.
During her husband’s hospitalization, Margaret realized that she missed nursing and eagerly looks forward to returning to active practice. She kept her license active all these years, but during her husband’s hospitalization, Margaret saw that much has changed since she left her last nursing position.
Question 1
What specific challenges does Margaret face in returning to the nursing workforce after 23 years?
Question 2
What has changed in health care that will make her work different now?
Question 3
What do you think is the same in nursing over time?