esearch an infectious disease and create a PowerPoint presentation 

Must be own work!!!!!! This is a 2 part assignment. There is a paper and a power point.
1. For this assignment you will research an infectious disease and create a PowerPoint presentation on the findings by providing the following for the chosen disease:
· disease name, means of transmission and usual reservoirs
· etiologic agent, its general characteristics and key tests for identification (be specific for this microbe!)
· historical information to include when and who isolated the microbe and any significance of its name
· signs and symptoms of the disease
· microbial virulence mechanisms contributing to the disease process
· control or treatment for the disease
· current outbreaks or cases, both globally and locally (include incidence figures for each)
· prevention, particularly current research about a vaccine or other means of control/prevention
· Minimum five reliable Internet references, plus any other references used.
Please submit the completed presentation by clicking the upload button below. Use this naming protocol for your presentation:
Your presentation will be graded using the following criteria:

Disease etiologic agent 2 points
Transmission 3 points
Reservoirs 3 points
General characteristics of microorganisms specific, such gram stain, shapes 3 points
Key tests for identification (specific) 3 points
Signs and symptoms of disease 3 points
Historical information 3 points
Virulence factors 3 points
Control/Treatment 3 points
Prevention/ Vaccine info, new trials? 3 points
Local cases or outbreaks (with incidence figures) 2 points
Global cases or outbreaks (with incidence figures) 2 points
Spelling/grammar errors and image as needed. 2 points
References: properly done in APA format  Must have 5, so -1 point for each one missing 5 points
TOTAL 40 points

2. The report should contain the following information
COVER SHEET must have a title with the name of the disease and must have the names of student
TEXT (main body of info)—double -spaced, single-sided pages, 12 point font.