Discuss major virulence factors of microorganisms

Pathogenicity and Virulence
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
· Discuss major virulence factors of microorganisms

· Discuss the mechanisms of manifestations of infection

Course outcome assessed with this Assignment:

Analyze the role of microbes in human disease and public health.


· Write an essay comparing both pathogenicity and virulence among microorganisms.

· Show how microorganisms vary in both their pathogenicity and virulence using the opportunistic infections as examples.

· Show how these characteristics influence the prevention and treatment for public health.


· Essay should be a minimum of 500 words.

· Be sure that your grammar, sentence structure, and word usage is appropriate. This means that you will have to edit your work yourself.

· Use APA format

Unit 4 Assignment Grading Rubric = 50 points Assignment Requirements

Provides clear definitions of pathogenicity, virulence, and, opportunistic infection 10 pts

Compares pathogenicity among microorganisms 10pts

Compares virulence among microorganisms 10 pts

Identifies specific examples of opportunistic infections 10pts

Describes public health impact on prevention and treatment 10 pts