diagnosis of West Nile virus

Professional Standards for Nursing Leadership Case Study 5

approx 30 min

Joe Rodriquez, 19, presents to the hospital Emergency Department with a diagnosis of West Nile virus. He has a fever of 102° F, chills, and generalized aching in all his muscles. He reports that he was recently hiking in a wooded portion of the state and was bitten repeatedly by mosquitoes, despite the fact that he used an insect repellent. He and his parents are informed about this condition, including the need for immediate hospitalization and the treatment plan. Joe refuses to be hospitalized, stating that he will follow all medical recommendations at home. He asks to be assigned a home healthcare nurse to assist with his medical treatment. His parents are totally torn between honoring their son’s wishes and forcing the admission of their son, so that he can receive the needed medical and nursing care.

Question 1

You are the nurse manager for the emergency department, and staff members approach you about this patient. How would you begin to resolve this dilemma?

Question 2

What type of direction would you give staff members to allow them to come to a satisfactory conclusion?

Question 3

How does the Code of Ethics for Nurses (ANA, 2001) provide guidance in reaching needed decisions?