Describe the general characteristics and structure of the pathogen

Case Assignment
The Centers for Disease Control has contacted you and other microbiologists to review a recent increase in the number of meningitis cases in your city. The director of the organization is requesting information regarding to the various types of microorganisms which can cause meningitis. For the Module 2 Case Assignment:
1. There are three types of pathogens that cause meningitis.  Briefly describe each type and then select either a bacterial, fungal, or viral pathogen capable of producing meningitis in humans to answer the remaining questions for this case study. Provide the statistics on the prevalence of each type of meningitis in your local county and state.  NOTE: Consider using resources provided through the CDC, or local health organization.  If you are in an international location, you will need to use the World Health Organization (WHO) to acquire this information or you can use your home town as your research topic.
2. Describe the general characteristics and structure of the pathogen.
3. Describe in detail the pathogenic process. (How does the microbe produce meningitis?)
4. What are the risk factors for infection with this pathogen?
5. What are the common methods used to diagnose infection?
6. Do these pathogens cause any other diseases?
7. List any preventative measures to protect against infection with each microbe.
Note: The assignment will require you to engage in independent research.
Assignment Expectations
Length:  Case Assignment Module assignments should be at least 2-4 pages (400-800 words) in length.
References: At least two references should be included from academic sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles).  Required readings are included.  Quoted material should not exceed 10% of the total paper (since the focus of these assignments is critical thinking).  Use your own words and build on the ideas of others.   When material is copied verbatim from external sources, it MUST be enclosed in quotes.  The references should be cited within the text and also listed at the end of the assignment in the References section (preferably in APA format).