Delusional Disorder

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Becoming an expert in nursing requires one to “return to” an incident or event (positive or negative) and reflect on the reasoning behind the decision-making. Through critical reflection, nurses become aware of their personal beliefs, feelings and knowledge that influence their actions.
The student is to choose an incident that occurred during the clinical day. The issue can be focused on the patient’s pathophysiology, education needs, psychosocial needs, socioeconomic conditions, or cultural/religious concerns. It can be an incident like a code blue, a procedure such as a dressing change, an interaction (positive or negative) with a family or staff member.
Needs Introduction
Today I was able to get a patient (of my choosing) for my mental health rotation after reviewing and hearing during the morning rounds (in the consultation room) what each patient was there for, there age and why they were there or if they were being discharged. Afterward our instructor walked across the hall onto the psychiatric unit and she begin finding our patients asking if it was okay if a student nurse could talk to them in the television room. My patient was hesitant at first (as he was in his way to get his medications) however he agreed to sit and talk with me. At first when I sat with him I was slightly nervous and wasn’t sure how the conversation was going to go. He was very standoff and kept looking at the floor. He told me he was 22 years old and his mother is the one who placed him there because he was violent toward her and he admitted he hears a voice in his head. But did not want to discuss anything further about it. However I had a break through when I asked him what does he likes doing and he responded by telling me he likes working. He told me he works in construction as well as does some electricity and painting. He then explained in detail how to wire things for the home such as electrical sockets, he even explained in detail how to paint walls. His face lit up during the conversation while he was talking me and he stopped looking at the floor and was smiling and laughing. I asked him how did he learn on the job or go to school. He told me that his father taught him everything. I then told him he should go to a trade school because I was so impressed on his knowledge. He told me though he’s not smart enough for school. I told him that school would be easy especially electrician school since he already has the foundation and knows how to a lot of it already. Our conversation was cut short though because Jordan the therapist walked in and everyone in the television room had to begin to do the exercises in there chair.

1. Paragraph 1: Describe the scenario (above I described the scenario)/pathophysiology. Delusional Disorder

2. Paragraph 2: What is the issue?

3. Paragraph 3: What does the evidence-based literature show? Regarding Delusional Disorder

4. Paragraph 4: How does the evidence-based literature relate to my position as a nursing student?

5. This assignment is not a “diary” of events. Rather, the goal is to move away from superficial examination of interactions. Students will find the following questions helpful in framing their reflection.

Need Conclusion how do I feel now about the experience?