Define the various levels of care within inpatient treatment settings

CHAPTER 19, Inpatient Care Settings
In completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives:
Define the various levels of care within inpatient treatment settings.
Explain elements and methods of fostering a therapeutic milieu.
1. Robert Woods has been admitted to an inpatient psychiatric facility due to a resurgence of his manic symptoms because he has not been taking his psychiatric medications. His sister has been trying to supervise Robert, who lives in a small apartment a few miles away. The sister is very frustrated and feels she cannot continue to monitor Robert successfully any longer. She asks what kinds of inpatient care options are available to assist in caring for Robert and voices concern about Robert’s noncompliance with his psychiatric medications.
(Learning Objectives: 1, 4)
a. Review the levels of inpatient care and offer some suggestions to Robert’s sister concerning ongoing psychiatric care.
b. The nurse is responsible for medication administration for Robert. How can a therapeutic environment and strategies assist the nurse in ensuring that Robert takes his psychiatric medications?