Defend the resurgence of Whooping cough as due to waning immunity

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Microbes can be involved in diseases of any of our vital organ systems but of all of them, the most common diseases we see our physician for treatment is our respiratory system. The moment we have any difficulty taking in a breath of air, it can be a life-threatening crisis. Our respiratory system is a perfect microenvironment for microbes; it is warm, moist, has plenty of oxygen and a supply of mucus so why do we not have massive colonies of microbes? Or, do we?  Our immune systems spend much effort protecting our airways but there are a few microbes that have evolved mechanism to evade our immune systems. Bordetella pertussis (better known by its disease name, Whooping cough) is one such Gram-negative bacterium that has succeeded in causing great pestilence before a vaccine was discovered. Despite this, some choose not to have the vaccine and yearly outbreaks of Whooping cough claims the lives of children each year in the US. Mortality is highest in infants despite those who have begun their vaccine series.  Review chapter 22 of your textbook on Diseases of the Respiratory System.  Review information on the vaccine for Whooping CoughAnd, the facts about Whooping cough from the CDC Upon review of the information sources and your own research, choose ONE of the topics to address in exposition forum.
Topic 1. Defend the resurgence of Whooping cough as due to waning immunity.
Topic 2. Present an argument to support lack of vaccination as a cause for resurgence.Make sure to address these questions in your exposition;  What is the mechanism(s) that Bordetella pertussis uses to invade epithelial cells in the lungs?  Why does this Gram-negative bacteria cause the characteristic cough that it does?  Why is infant mortality high?  What role does herd immunity play in the spread of an infectious disease like Whooping cough?