Cholera, Central Africa

Disease Selection: You’ve just been hired by the World Health Organization to help educate  patients or medical practitioners in a specific geographic region in which the population is at risk for numerous infectious diseases.
I chose the disease:
Cholera, Central Africa
I have attached to grading ruberic with everything you need to know in it. This is the only paper I have this year so it really counts. 

I will be running the paper through SafeAssign, its a plagerism checker that my professor has provided. Anything over 15% plagerism will not be accepted.
If you have any questions about the assignment, please ask.
Bio 225 Infectious Disease Writing Assignment
Students will prepare a scholarly, academic paper on an approved infectious disease occurring in an approved country and/or geographic region.

· The paper must conform to American Psychological Association (APA) Sixth Edition guidelines.

· Students must gather information from experts (scholarly resources; the student is not an expert) on the approved disease and region.

· Students should paraphrase all information and demonstrate appropriate use of microbiology terminology to promote critical evaluation of scientific sources. In other words, the paper must not contain any quoted materials (phrases, passages, sentences, etc.) within the paper.

· Disease and region selection and approval are required before paper submission. Failure to get approval results in up to 20 points being deducted from the grade, if, upon paper submission, the instructor finds the selection acceptable (after the fact). If the disease is unacceptable or assigned to another classmate, is not infectious, or is for an unapproved region, the student will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

This informative, 800-1000 word scholarly, academic paper must follow the rules of standard American English and should educate (train) medical practitioners or clinicians (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, doctors, etc) on specific aspects of the selected infectious disease (assume the audience reads at the college level and has training in general biological and medical principles). See the section that begins with Content and Writing_Style for additional information on this topic.